“Together we make great things happen.”  So states the home page of the Granville Community Foundation.

            If ever there was an example of the impact that their support has for a local non-profit, the Robbins Hunter Museum stands out.  Ten years ago, the building lacked central air conditioning, the only ramp for ADA access led to a door too narrow for a wheelchair, the kitchen was cramped and out-dated, and the restrooms were in a separate building outside the house.

            The Robbins Hunter Museum had serious capital needs in order to become the community asset to which its Board aspired. The Granville Community Foundation, one of several granting organizations that have stepped up to help the museum compete in the twenty-first century, has been a consistent, reliable resource for an organization that sees itself as a key player in the fabric of the Village: a Greek Revival masterpiece, a resource for collections and history of the 19th century, and a center for programs and events that enrich the lives of residents of Granville and into far-flung reaches of the country. 

            The results have been significant, both to the museum and to the thousands who have visited in the past decade.  The now fully air-conditioned building is comfortable for visitors and provides a safer environment for the collection.  A kitchen, designed by and for caterers, has fed hungry guests at weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, programs and numerous other events.  Two indoor restrooms are ADA compliant with a ramp that allows easy access to the building for those in strollers, in wheelchairs, and others with limited mobility.  Two porches (north and west) have been restored with new floors and paint.  Later this year, a period appropriate fence along the north property line will be installed.

            In order to recognize the gratitude of the museum for our generous partner, a plaque proudly wearing the name “Granville Community Foundation” will be placed on the fence reminding all who enter here that who we are and what we do here would not be possible without the support of our friends.  It has been life-giving to this organization to have the Granville Community Foundation and others as generous partners as we each work to make “great things happen” in the Village of Granville.