Ordinary & Extraordinary: Victorian Undergarments 1860-1880

On exhibit throughout the 2019 season!

The Robbins Hunter Museum is pleased to announce the opening of Ordinary & Extraordinary: Victorian Undergarments 1860 - 1880. Curated by Elizabeth Miller, the exhibit features the museum’s collection of mid nineteenth century undergarments, and explores the fashion history, garment design and construction techniques of the Victorian era. This exhibit includes garments on loan from The Ohio History Connection as well as The Granville Historical Society.

Pairing the garments with letters, photographs and documents from the Devenney family and Licking County history, Miller brings to life the way in which these garments were made and worn, and in doing so offers a unique glimpse into the lives of these two sisters and their experience of life in Granville in the 1860s.

Miller, a Granville local, combines her knowledge of textiles with a passion for costume history. Starting her career in fashion, she graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York, followed by a B.S. in Textile Design and a M.S. in Textile Technology. Her design and technical background affords Miller a distinct perspective on both the aesthetic and intricate detail of Victorian dress.

Victoria Woodhull: Continue the Legacy, Join the Conversation

On exhibit throughout the 2020 season!