Presented by Judith Dann, PhD, we will explore the life of Victoria Woodhull and the adversity she overcame to be the first woman U.S. Presidential candidate in 1872.  We will discuss other “firsts” that this great lady from central Ohio achieved and will look at some of her ideological platforms.  Reviled by some, revered by others, we will focus on popular perception of this controversial woman.

Dr. Judith Dann is a Professor of Ancient History and Lead Instructor in the Classics in the Humanities Department at Columbus State Community College.  She received her A.B. in Classics from Miami University (Ohio), her M.A. in Classics and Ph.D. in Ancient History from The Ohio State University.  Her areas of specialty include comparative religion, mythology, ancient art and archaeology.  She worked as a staff member at OSU Excavations at Isthmia, Greece where a Roman bathhouse is being excavated.  She lives in Homer, Ohio (Victoria Woodhull’s birthplace) with her husband and three children.

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