"A Museum should never be finished, but boundless and ever in motion," so said Johann Goethe in the 18th century. A revised digital newsletter... new garden.... Greek style pavilion....  banner hanging from the second floor to the reception hall….changing exhibits in the upstairs hall…..  scarecrows in the garden. Goethe’s words seem entirely fitting to the Robbins Hunter Museum today as we undertake changes to assure 221 East Broadway remains vibrant and relevant.  Keeping the museum fresh and offering new and inviting programs to youth and adults means discovering ideas to encourage visitors to return again and again.

The rooms of the museum have been embellished to reflect the way people lived in the house.  A chess board in the office represents one occupant’s favorite pastime.  Sewing projects in the parlor look as though the ladies just stepped out of the room. Toys in the sitting room are to be handled and played with by visitors. Pictures on the walls are proof of how two fraternities lived and played in the house.  And the Octagon Room now looks much as it might have when Robbins Hunter himself still occupied the house.

And so I invite you to come in to see the recently installed Spencer Wright and the Tannery Desk exhibit on the second floor.  Learn about one of Granville’s earliest industries and admire this amazing piece of furniture that has remained untouched through two centuries. 

I think Goethe would approve of our ever unfinished state.


Ann Lowder, Director

Ann Lowder, Director