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Brick Paver

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You can be a part of Granville history and have your name or a loved ones placed in the walkway of the Robbins Hunter Museum.  A brick engraved to your specifications will be placed along the West entrance.  This is a unique opportunity to honor special people in your life and leave a lasting impression on Granville. Commemorate your vacation, a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. Capture a moment in time with a brick that you can visit for years to come.


Each brick donation of $100 includes a certificate that can be presented to the person or organization being honored.  In addition, “stories” from donors describing the honoree will be placed on view at the museum. 


We value our commemorative brick walkway honorees:

403 Broadway East/Jonathan and Adam

Linda Ailes                                               

Constance K. Barsky &  Steven G. Katz

Ben and Jennifer Barton

Sue Barton Family& Granville

Sylvia Bast

Mary Hauser Bingham

Mary Lee Bissell

Josiah and Joyce Blackmore

Jeanne and Alan Bolton & Family

Leslie Greene Bowman     

The Burden Family              

Amy Burgess                       

Phillip Burgess     

Amy Butler  

Bruce R Claflin & Carol Lynn Claflin

Howard B Claflin & Margaret P Claflin

Howard Brian Claflin & Connie Lynn Claflin

James Curtis Claflin & Margaret Ann Claflin

Matthew T Claflin & Julie M Claflin

Scott Thomas Claflin & Julie Fox Claflin

Ellen Clark  

Emily B. Downer Cole

Dominick Consolo & Susan Richardson

J. Craig "Copey" Copenhefer           

Sarah Danford

Mark, Judith, Emma, Josiah and Grace Dann

Brooke and Jerry Datz

Louise Denny  


The DeSapri Family  

Kami and Lauren Diaz & Callie and Ty Pangborn

George S. Downer

Beth and Richard Eckels

Bill and Janet Englefield

Nancy Eucker

Ann Fryman

Ron, Sharon, Deanna, and Nadine Fuller 

Flo Gibson

Linda Helen Gibson

Hannah Rose Graves

Jill Griesse, Marcia Downes, Carol Salome

Jill Harms Griesse               

Paul and Jill Griesse

Dick and Julie Hagen

Jim and Fran Hart

Hinderer Family

Tim Howland

Ilene and Victor Intihar

Jean M.  Jankowski

Benton Fair Kauffman

Dr. Charles Keller

Gwendolyn Keller

Mary Downer Kesner

Zack and Molly King

Dr. Dale T. Knobel

Tony Kohn

Wm. Henry Kussmaul

Peter Lowder

Lois W. Minsker


Jean McDaniel

Cheryl Kay Moore        

Larry Nadwodney    

Robert and Ruth Ann Parsley

John D. Peckskamp

Sam Porter

Lucy Porter

Mollie, Grant and Sarah Prasher

T. David Price

John S. Pyle

The Reynolds Family

Jack P. Roebuck

John W. Ross

Sherman and Susan Ryan

Richard Scott Family

Polly and Steve Schneider

Jim and Nancy Siegel

St. Edward the Confessor Church

Jon and Kate Swift

Deborah Thomas               

Howard and Betty Tibbs & Family

Donald M. Valdes

Johnnie Valdes

Sarah Reese Wallace

Omar Whisman

Bernie and Hilah Williams

Victoria Woodhull

Joanne Woodyard

Margaret Pyle Wuerth

Donald Wallace Young

Greg and Sheridan